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How To download and install all the plugins in a plugin bundle?

With the exception of the Studio Session Pack Plugins, there is no install option for bundles displayed in Center, only single plug-ins and stand-alone applications.

To assist in finding specific software and bundles In the Center, you can use the search box at the top of the user interface, by typing keywords related to your products in the search box, and the installers matching the search keywords will be displayed.


Flux:: Center main window, search on “Full”, displaying the plugins included in the Full pack.

As an example; typing “Full”, will display only the installers for the software included in the Full Pack, and typing “Mastering” will display the installers for the software included in the Mastering Pack.

Typing “All” will display all plugins only, as all our plugins are included in the “All Plugins” subscription bundle and then matches this bundle product.

How To download and install software using Flux:: Center

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