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Educational Institution Licensing Offers

Our Educational Institution Licensing Program provides qualified institutions with a preferred way to acquire FLUX:: Immersive software. The general EDU offer consists of a 50% discount on all our software, in addition to this, we offer site license bundles for SPAT Revolution.


SPAT Revolution Licensing Offers

The SPAT Revolution site license bundles consist of SPAT Revolution Essential for up to 50 workstations, with SPAT Revolution Ultimate licenses for professors, instructors or the lab studio, etc. included in the bundles.


SPAT Revolution Education & Courses

FLUX:: offers generic and adapted lectures within the field of Immersive Audio, and for SPAT Revolution setup/design and integration into different applications, environments, and workflows, as well as standardized courses, ex; Introduction to Immersive Audio with SPAT Revolution, Spat Revolution Certifications, as well as tailored courses on demand.


Request more information

For information and requests about software licenses for educational facilities, research labs, larger educational sites, for SPAT Revolution education and courses, or for other requests with specific requirements for educational purposes, you’re welcome to contact us using the contact form below and we will get back to you within the next few days.

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