The Immersive Audio Revolution

Our mission already from the beginning has always been to design and create tools that are creatively inspiring, providing full control over the processing and still maintaining the audio quality without artifacts. Already our first products supported multichannel processing, with up to 8 channels of simultaneous processing and with sample rates up to 384 kHz, and have for over a decade now been frequently used all over the world in multichannel surround recording, movie post-production, and in various other applications.

During the last years a new era in audio production has started to take shape with Immersive Audio as the new driving force in the entertainment industry, with Binaural Sound already being commodity in VR and Computer Games, and Immersive 3D-Audio becoming the new standard in Cinema Theaters, Live Venues, Amusement Parks, Planetariums and in many other facilities in the entertainment industry. Our products today supports 16 channels or more, with some of them supporting Ambisonic as well as Dolby Atmos workflows.


To meet the demands of an evolving audio industry FLUX:: has teamed up with Ircam ( Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music, Paris, Centre George Pompidou), providing the finest and most groundbreaking technology and research within the fields of reverberation, acoustics and spatialization, in the creation of software audio tools, keeping up with our standards, for the requirements of a new demanding era in audio production – The Immersive Audio Revolution.

SPAT Revolution 24.06 - Service Release

SPAT Revolution 24.06 Service Release with New tools: SPAT Remote and Chataigne Module

SPAT  Release 24.06 Service Release with New tools: SPAT Remote and Chataigne Module This SPAT Revolution 24.06 release is a service release with maintenance and improvement updates, and is a free update for all users with a SPAT...
Voyages Indigenous

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Tells Mala Ancestral Story Through State-Of-The-Art Flux:: SPAT Revolution Technology

May 2024, Australia In order to bring to life a chapter of the Mala ancestral story, Madison AV worked closely with Auditoria Systems and the Aṉangu people to elevate storytelling to a level never seen before through the deployment of drone...
SPAT Revolution 23.11 - Now Available!

SPAT Revolution 23.11 – Available Now: New Record feature, New 3D View options, and more

Are you ready to record?We are delighted to release SPAT Revolution 23.11, build 50341 - A free SPAT Revolution upgrade to all users (requires 22.9 license). Available now in FLUX:: Center - For download and installation of the 23.11 version,...

EASE Focus goes Immersive with SPAT Revolution!

Berlin, October 2023 The latest release of AFMG’s EASE Focus now supports export of reproduction system arrangements to the SPAT Revolution real-time spatial audio mixing engine from FLUX:: Immersive. Being one of the most popular acoustic...
SPAT Revolution - Tech Article - Navigating SPAT Revolution

Navigating SPAT Revolution – From Studio Creation to Live Deployment

In the realm of audio production, the transition from the controlled studio environment to the variety of live setup deployment choices poses a pivotal challenge. This challenge becomes particularly significant when working with SPAT...
SPAT Revolution - Tech Article - Ambisonics

Ambisonics: How to Handle Subwoofers and Low Frequency Effect

In this article, we will look at different methods to handle subwoofer and bass extension when dealing with Ambisonics in SPAT Revolution. Specifically, we will investigate solutions at the reproduction stage as well as the creation stage. LFE...
SPAT Revolution & AT BP3600

Audio-Technica’s BP3600 Microphone And FLUX:: Immersive Deliver Powerful Hardware/Software Solution For Immersive Audio

The recently released SPAT Revolution (version 23.08) now supports the new Audio-Technica BP3600 immersive audio microphone, allowing for the capture and mixing of a truly three dimensional audio image. The microphone has eight compact capsule...

SPAT Revolution 23.08 – Apple Silicon ARM Native and packed with new features

The FLUX:: team is pleased to release this massive update of our flagship, object and perceptual immersive mixing software SPAT Revolution 23.08. Now Apple Silicon ARM Native compatible, and with loads of new features and optimization updates,...
Tech Articles - Pro Tools Delay Reporting and Compensation

Reporting latency for delay compensation in SPAT Revolution

This follows a generic article on Delay and Compensation mechanism, As mentioned in different articles, when using audio devices to route to/from SPAT Revolution, Pro Tools is handling the needed delay compensation based on your routing /...
Tech Articles - Pro Tools Routing Folders

Using Pro Tools routing folders with SPAT Revolution

In a Previous Tech Article, we’ve covered the basics of integrating SPAT Revolution into the Pro Tools environment. At the base was the use of the SPAT Revolution send plugin and the Local Audio Path (LAP) mode to route your audio to your SPAT...