SPAT  Release 24.06 Service Release with New tools: SPAT Remote and Chataigne Module

This SPAT Revolution 24.06 release is a service release with maintenance and improvement updates, and is a free update for all users with a SPAT Revolution perpetual license or an active subscription plan. 

Release Notes

Bug fixes 

  • Fixed bug where SPAT could freeze when recalling snapshots 
  • Fixed reentrancy issue when recording automation in LAP
  • VST3 automation improvements
  • Fixed AAX instability problems
  • Fixed bug where the position XYZ is not written in the SPAT Send when receiving OSC.
  • More than 30 other bug fixes, including Ambisonics, Groups, OSC, and various UI fixes  


  • Core – Refresh audio device when displaying the audio device list 
  • Core – Refresh network list when displaying the IP address list 
  • If a crash occurs when loading a session during the opening of SPAT Revolution, propose to open SPAT without loading the session
  • OSC – Add OSC message to arm/unarm objects, to begin and stop the record, and for page navigation.
  • 3D View – Add option to display only virtual or real speaker

Important: The SPAT Revolution preferences have been moved to a new folder

New Control Tools

Updated SPAT Remote 24.06
(requires SPAT Revolution 24.06 binary and latest OpenStageControl version 1.26.1) 

  • New selection by source name, with drop down menus 
  • New UI and organization for most of the panels 
  • Entirely new fresh design for the snapshot panel 
  • Color of the XY pads and the mixer now follows the color of the SPAT Revolution 
  • New grid layout for XY pads, ratios are maintained to 1:1 (square) 
  • Support for small screen devices 

Chataigne Module – Open-source Community Created Tool

  • Free and open-source software which aims to create a common tool for artists, technicians and developers who wish to use technology and synchronize software for shows, interactive installations or prototyping. 
  • Allowing SPAT Revolution to be natively integrated with Chataigne in the Community modules 
  • Allowing to control Sources, Rooms and Snapshots

This module is available in the Community Modules Manager inside the Chataigne Software