Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution

A complete workflow set up for Immersive Audio creation and production using a set of custom-built Live Devices created to integrate Ableton Live with SPAT Revolution – 100% Freeware!

  • Improve the workflow for Immersive audio creation and integrate Ableton Live and Spat Revolution
  • Improve your existing workflow with object based mixing and free yourself by going multichannel
  • Make the most of the powerful tools available in Live to improve your creative experience
  • Free custom built Live Devices using the powerful audio effect rack in Ableton Live
  • Compatible with your existing workflow – Just applied on top of it
  • Simple to Setup, Simple to Use, Simple to Understand
  • Compatible with multiple computer setups.
  • Automation Powered by OSC

Includes Templates, Devices, macOS shortcuts, and a user guide for getting it all up and running quickly!

Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution

FREEWARE (macOS only)

Download the latest version of Ableton Live Tools with FLUX:: Center. Before installing we recommended reading the documentation.

Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution Project

The capabilities of Ableton Live in terms of automation are more or less astronomical, which makes it an incredible DAW for creating outstanding Immersive Audio content using spatial movements and other effects in SPAT Revolution. Ableton Live may already be your main DAW and most obvious choice for creation, which is the case for some of the FLUX:: people who created this workflow in the first place, and with these tools you’ll discover a simple and quick way of getting into creative production and sound design in an Immersive Audio context, using the extensive powers of both Ableton Live and SPAT Revolution.

Ableton Live Tools Documentation
Searchable Online Documentation

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Installation & Setup

In this video guide we’re going through the installation, setup, and optimization of the SPAT Revolution with Ableton Live, all in order to prepare, and assure that everything works correctly, before getting started and going on to the project and workflow guide.

Live Project & Workflow

After completing the Installation and Setup, we can get on with the workflow part of the Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution. To get started we will create a a quick Live project together. Important! –  It’s necessary to follow the steps in the previous installation and setup video, before going on with the workflow.

Additional Resources

Online Documentation – FAQ

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