Now Available – All EVO elements as separate plugins with AAX DSP support*


The Ultimate Channel Strip Redefined

The essential element of all analog consoles is the Channel Strip and the philosophy behind it is to be able to be efficient, fast, and make things sound great from the start. When we designed the EVO Channel we wanted it to be as efficient, fast and hands-on as a channel is on a console, while presenting the advantages of creative digital innovation in terms of workflow and sound, to in the end provide everything you need to stay in control of your mix!

Rent To Own from 6 Months

EVO Series

Gain/Drive, Phase, Compressor, EQ, DeEsser, Expander, Transient/Sustain Designer, Hands-on interface, Fast workflow, Adjustable signal flow, Stay in Control of Your sound!

Evo Series Pack includes all 5 EVO plugins:
Evo Channel
Evo In
Evo EQ
Evo Comp
Evo Touch

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“Evo Channel is quite packed, covering not only the ‘vanilla’ features one expects from a channel strip but also moving forward with the with Touch section and Phase slider, introducing aspects not usually seen on this kind of plug-ins. Zero added latency, rather friendly CPU load for a plug-in with this feature set, easily allowing to run as many instances as needed.”
“Evo Channel is a pretty powerful little tool that does an extremely impressive job, sounds really good and is really fast to work with!”

Josh Voyles

“What I like about the Drive section in EVO Channel is that it’s not a distorted sound, it’s just kind of a saturated sound adding a little bit more fatness and roundness to your sound, and it’s actually really subtle still even at 60-70 percent!”
“I really like EVO Channel and the results that I get from it, it’s straight to the point, sounds great, easy to use, and I really like the workflow!”

Musical, intuitif, doté de fonctions atypiques, peu gourmand en ressources et plus souple que la majorité des produits concurrents, c’est un outil professionnel puissant qui saura satisfaire toute personne à la recherche d’une tranche de console virtuelle ayant du caractère tout en respectant la nature du signal source.


(VS3 available only from Merging Technologies)



* EVO Channel is available in AU/VST2&3/AAX Native only/VS3

Apple SIlicon

Behind the EVO Series

EVO Channel

“All the right tools are there to assist the creativity of a sound engineer, and the technology should not limit what he can do – It’s still the human who need to be making the decisions!” – Yves Jaget

Pour la version française, cliquez ici.


Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

Demo Sessions

Sample recordings with the microphone phase aligned using the EVO Channel and EVO In Phase.
Connect your studio monitors or headphones, and enjoy the aligned natural sound!


A drum kit recording with multiple microphones using EVO Phase to phase align the microphones.

Phase Alignment



If you can’t believe it, try it yourself !
The session can be downloaded below.

Guitars and Voices

Guitars and voices recorded with multiple microphones using EVO Phase to phase align the microphones.

Phase Alignment



If you can’t believe it, try it yourself !
The session can be downloaded below.

Unique EVO Drive System

Restores the life and vitality

A well-managed gain structure is paramount for creating an optimized signal-chain and regenerating harmonics can bring the texture you want. In each of the EVO plugins a signal Drive, designed to add a soft saturation and warmth to the material, is available directly at the input gain for restoring and maintaining the vitality of the sound.



Reframes the sound together

One of the most crucial parameters to take into account is Phase, or “The art of using multiple microphones on one and the same sound source”, a classic example is when setting up the sound for a drum kit.

Controlling the Phase of microphones is universal and relevant both for studio and live use. In EVO Channel and EVO In, an Arbitrary and Linear Phase Rotation throughout the spectrum is provided, to accomplish the same natural thing as when physically moving a microphone.

The Phase is the result of FLUX:: proprietary research, a unique algorithm allowing linear phase correction with zero latency.


The canvas for painting the colors

One of the cornerstones in a Channel Strip is a well-built, efficient and complete Equalizer.

The equalizer in the EVO Channel and EVO EQ is a straightforward comprehensive 4-band parametric equalizer with an additional low/high shelf and a 6-24 dB low/high cut filter.

The graphical interactive EQ curve is layered on top of the built in Spectrum Analyzer for hands-on editing with direct connection to the visual response.

The spectrum analyzer originates from the FLUX:: Analyzer and has been optimized for the EVO Channel and EVO EQ. It provides an accurate direct view of what’s going on in the different frequency domains of your material.

EVO Comp

EVO Compressor

The Sound Attitude Generator

In addition to controlling the signal dynamics, the compressor is often used for shaping the attitude of a sound. To use a compressor in a creative and artistic fashion it’s important that it’s easy to use and has the ability to create an interesting sound.

The EVO Channel and EVO Comp offers a wide range and variety of sound with nine different compression modes, and a Wet / Dry control for adjusting the level of compression, allowing for parallel compression within the module.

EVO Touch

The icing on the cake !

The Final Touch – EVO Touch, also available in EVO Channel, is a polymorphic section offering a variety of different processors designed to adapt to the requirements of the material, with seven different processing modes including a frequency dependent DeEsser, Expander and a Transient and Sustain Shape designer.

EVO Touch

Multichannel, Dolby Atmos®, Ambisonics & High-Resolution Support

Multichannel being at the core of FLUX:: Immersive, The EVO Series plugins are designed to support mixing and creation of multichannel surround and immersive audio production content. Each module supports up to 16 channels which include Dolby Atmos® 7.1.2 / 7.0.2 Track and Bus all the way for creating and manipulating Ambisonic audio and mixes all the way to Third order Ambisonics

High Resolution DXD Audio with sampling rates up to 384 kHz is supported.

Dark Mode for Live and Theater

The visual display mode of the graphical user interface in the EVO Series plugins can be set to a Dark or a Light mode.

The Dark mode is created to provide an option for situations like Live and Theater performances where discretion can be of real importance.