With over a decade in the audio software industry, working with industry professionals to find the right solution for their needs, we today are proud to present our product line with a wide range of products for Immersive Audio, Audio Analysis and Audio Processing, all designed with the benchmark set at providing the finest audio quality, used by sound engineers and producers in the music, broadcast, post production, mastering and live audio industry all over the world.

Music Creation

Our vision has always been to design creatively inspiring audio software tools with no compromise of the audio quality, with an intuitive workflow adapted to the computer based environment.

The tools you use should be there for you, to bring the most out of your creativity and provide you with new possibilities to explore and evolve your ideas, and help you to achieve an outstanding result in the end – Great music calls for great sound!

Live Production

With Live Sound engineering today being as versatile as audio recording and mixing in the box in a computer workstation, with the advanced evolution and flexibility of modern digital mixing consoles, the requirement for accomplishing an outstanding result is at least as important as it is in the studio.

FLUX:: are officially approved by AVID for the S6L digital mixing console, and by WAVES for the SoundGrid platform, with a large range of our Processing Plug-ins, Real-time Analyzer and Immersive Audio Engine, bringing our finest recording and mixing tools into the world of digital Live Sound.

Post Production

Already from the beginning our audio software tools were designed to support multichannel processing with up to 8 channels for post-production surround mixing per default, you only have to insert the plug-in on a multichannel bus, aux, channel or master, and automatically the processing is performed in multichannel.

Today most of our software supports Dolby Atmos and Ambisonic, and during the last years evolution with the increasing demand for Binaural Sound and Immersive 3D-Audio in the entertainment industry, we are focusing on the creation of software meeting these new requirements.


In order to take full control over your sound, and to achieve the greatest possible result, even in the most demanding situations, you need to be able to rely on your ears, your most important instrument, and what you hear. And the basic method for being in control of your sound, is about knowing what is going on, in detail.

With sample rates up to 384 kHz, and with a continuous detailed analysis performed in real-time on the incoming signal, the processing algorithms in our software are designed to always strive to preserve the timbre of the material, and to always provide the absolute finest audio quality independent of the amount or type of processing performed.

Installation Sound

During the last years a new era in the entertainment industry is in motion, driven by the desire to become completely immersed in the experience, Cinema Theaters, Amusement Parks, Planetariums and many other facilities in the entertainment industry, today meets a new challenge for the production and mixing in these scenarios.

In addition to our Immersive Audio Mixing Engine, FLUX:: are offering custom made processing software solutions and consulting, to provide a solution to keep up with our standards, for the requirements of this new demanding era in audio production –  Immersive Audio is the new black!