SPAT Revolution training and workshops

October 25th to 29th, 2021 – Orléans, France (In French)

SPAT Revolution Certification

Includes 1 year of SPAT Revolution license

Training Partner / Presented By: Whiti Audio Formation

Instructor: Jean-Loup Pecquais

Where: Orléans, France

Length: 5 days (35 hours)

Cost: 1680 € (HT) (FINANCING: Supported by Afdas, Uniformation, Pôle Emploi)

Training objectives

  • Learn to master the SPAT Revolution software (FLUX:: Immersive)
  • Learn how to create and calibrate an immersive diffusion system with the SPAT Revolution software
  • Learn the immersive audio basis necessary to deploy SPAT Revolution
  • Use the SPAT Revolution software in Live (and Studio) production workflow and control it in OSC.

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