Back in 2006, with the mission to design and create intuitive technically innovative audio software tools providing the absolute finest audio quality within the domain of digital audio processing, our first exquisite product line tailored for professional sound engineers was starting to take shape, the Pure Series.

Today, over a decade later, our product line presents a wide range of products for Immersive Audio, Audio Analysis and Audio Processing, all designed and created in the same philosophy, used by sound engineers and producers in the music, broadcast, post production, mastering and live audio industry all over the world.



Complete Pack – All Flux:: Software

All Flux:: Software in one complete bundle, a wide range of products for Immersive Audio, Audio Analysis and Audio Processing, all designed with the benchmark set at providing the finest audio quality.


SPAT Revolution – Real-time Immersive Audio Mixing Engine

The Immersive Audio Revolution, providing artists, sound-designers and sound-engineers virtually unlimited possibilities to design, create and mix an outstanding real-time immersive experience.


Pure Analyzer System – The Pure Analyzer Complete

The Next Generation Real Time Analyzer, with a comprehensive range of features for any imaginable analysis and measurement, and add-on options for Live, Metering/Loudness & Multichannel/Surround.


All Plugins Pack – All Flux:: Plug-ins

All Flux:: Plug-ins in a comprehensive bundle for any situations and demands, providing artists, providing the tools required for achieving a great sounding result.

ElephantMat Grand Palais

SPAT Revolution Helps ÉléphantMat Bring Immersive to Grand Palais

Paris, France - March 2021 While immersive audio performances have taken on a new popularity during this year of virtual concerts, the French electronic music producer ÉléphantMat (the alter-ego of artist/producer/engineer Mathieu Rossier) has been creating live...

Black Hole Adds a New Dimension to Immersive Audio with SPAT Revolution

“Our purpose in designing Black Hole was to create an environment where people can both create and experience immersive audio content in ways that are not possible with more typical audio technologies presently available for home, headphones, or cinema....

Seoul’s Jibet Center Brings Immersive Learning with SPAT Revolution

Seoul, Korea – March 2021 Teaching religion and spirituality to young people has always been a challenge, and even more so with the limited attention spans of todays’ media-savvy youth. Korea’s Presbyterian Association aims to address the challenge head on with the...

South Bend Symphony Orchestra Brings the Audience Onstage with FLUX:: Immersive

South Bend, IN – February 2021 In the city of South Bend, one production company has found a unique solution to get artists and crew back to work, and bring music and shows to audiences hungry for arts and culture, creating an immersive environment using SPAT...

RFI Labo Takes Medicine Man Orchestra Immersive with SPAT Revolution

Orleans, France - January 2021 Medical professionals and spiritual healers alike have long acknowledged the healing powers of music. For the Medicine Man Orchestra, it’s the basis of their music, their performance, and their mission. Born out of a collaboration...

SPAT Revolution Helps UQAM University Professor Bring Immersive to Life

Montreal, Canada – February 2021 Founded in 1969, the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) is one of the largest French-language universities in the world, enjoying worldwide recognition for its academic excellence and its innovation in the arts. One of UQAM’s more...
Qatar’s National Museum

Mixing Immersive with Spat Revolution at Qatar’s new National Museum

Doha, Qatar – October 2020 Even in a skyline as futuristic as Qatar’s, the new National Museum of Qatar stands out as visually stunning. Designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel, the museum’s modernistic exterior, adorned with 539 massive disks that lend it an...
Sabino Cannone

Sabino Cannone Dives Deep Into Immersive with Spat Revolution

Milan, Italy – September 2020 To say that Sabino Cannone is a busy man is like calling the Nile River a small stream. Cannone likely has more entries in his calendar in a typical week than most of us have in several months. He moves seamlessly from engineering to...
Torchy Stage

FOH Engineer Johnny Torchy on Advancing the Wavefront of Neko Light Orchestra with Spat Revolution

Toulouse, France – August 2020 Veteran live sound engineer Johnny Torchy has spent many years mixing shows across his native France and the rest of Europe. He’s also known as an early adopter, and isn’t afraid to try out new tools and technologies in his work.Most...

SPAT Revolution a Creative Playground for Sound Designer Jonas Gehrmann

Berlin, Germany—April 2020… Given his background mixing front-of-house for rock bands, it’s no surprise that when Sphereo sound designer and 3D audio operator Jonas Gehrmann discusses immersive audio, he focuses a lot on music use cases. “In the end, immersive audio...