Meung-sur-Loire, France – April 2022

Immersive sound for live performances has been a hot topic in the Korean audio industry for the last decade, with the Chord GPC-1 processor being one of the leading immersive production solutions.

Chord, a sound integration company in Seoul, South Korea, founded by Seungbeom Yong together with Dohyung Kim and Joonha Kim, has since the company’s establishment in 2020, been focusing on delivering high-quality immersive sound solutions for live sound productions, exhibitions, and post-production with their GPC-1 Immersive Processor running SPAT Revolution.

Chord’s GPC-1 immersive rendering processor is built using industrial server-grade equipment taking into account the various different situations and requirements for Immersive sound production and is based on FLUX:: Immersive SPAT Revolution to create a truly versatile and robust solution.

“With the GPC-1 there’s no need for a fixed system configuration; instead, it outlines a solid foundation customized for user needs and prerequisites. Any venue or performance can implement a user-centred Immersive sound solution”, said Seungbeom Yong, founder of Chord.

“We’ve been thinking about immersive sound solutions that can show optimal performances at live sound sites, and the only answer is GPC-1. We’ve seen brilliant performances in collaboration with the New Sound Church for the play ‘Time We Didn’t Know Each Other’ at The Culture Tank in Seoul, by simply adding the GPC-1 and some surround speakers to their existing equipment without installing any specific and expensive equipment“, said Joohna Kim.

The GPC-1 immersive processor and SPAT Revolution have turned out to make a powerful and versatile solution, and Chord will continue to supply immersive systems at a reasonable price facilitating immersive sound, not only in religious facilities but also in spaces with limitations in the budget, including small and medium-sized venues and government offices.

“We discuss what Immersive effects the customer needs, and provide complete solutions from designing, deploying, and on-site training, helping users to fully adopt and utilize Immersive sound from the ground up”, added Kim.

Another recent project was the collaboration with Sungkyul University in Anyang, South Korea, where  Chord created an immersive sound studio based on the GPC-1 and SPAT Revolution utilizing the 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos format.  The system was deployed using JBL speakers by Harman International Industries. 

Chord GPC-1 (In Korean)

Video (In Korean)