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State Of The Art Algorithmic Reverb

Verb V3

State Of The Art Room Acoustics and Reverberation

Verb Session v3

The Ultimate Session Reverb

Following a decade of intense research by the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team at IRCAM, the Ircam Verb v3 introduce state of the art techniques for room acoustics simulation utilizing advanced perceptive models, concealing the complexity behind the actual reverb algorithms, all in order to provide an intuitive experience for the user.

VERB Session v3, based on the same fine technology used in the acclaimed IRCAM Verb v3, is tailored for simplicity providing a fast paced workflow for achieving the perfect result instantly. VERB Session v3 presents the ultimate reverb solution whether you are a seasoned session engineer or a demanding broadcast and post-production mixer.

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$279 / 249€

Now only:
$79 / 69€