I M M E R S I V E  A U D I O  P I O N E E R I N G

Welcome to SPAT Revolution 22.02

You’ve been waiting for it, here it is – Now with WFS!


SPAT Revolution 22.02 is a free software upgrade for all subscribers and perpetual license owners. It is packed with new features, improvements and proposed workflows, and includes Wave Field Synthesis (WFS option, requires add-on license).

  • SPAT Revolution Essential – 16 output channel support
  • WFS spatial reproduction algorithm as new panning type (SPAT Revolution Ultimate w. WFS add-on license)
  • New efficiency zone with clamping and muting function
  • Different hardware input and output device
  • Support for software input, Local Audio Path, and hardware output
  • Overall AU plugin integration robustness
    • Reinforced support for QLAB and Logic Pro up to 10.7
Other noticeable improvements
  • OSC messages for snapshot recall options
  • Enhanced ADM-OSC support
Want to test drive SPAT Revolution Ultimate with the WFS add-on option?


What is the SPAT Revolution WFS Option?

The SPAT Revolution Ultimate WFS add-on option allows the distinctive Wave Field Synthesis approach deployment on colinear speaker systems (line of speakers in a frontal setting) and with qualified 2D/3D speaker arrangements surrounding the audience, as a panning option in channel based room setups using SPAT Revolution Ultimate 22.02.

The SPAT Revolution WFS add-on option is now available in our online store, and requires a SPAT Revolution Ultimate to function. All SPAT Revolution Ultimate subscription plans now include the WFS add-on option.

Looking for technical services?

In the effort to to support best deployment of SPAT Revolution and WFS systems, FLUX:: Immersive system integration experts are available to provide the consulting services required for any projects. From best practices recommendation to system configuration files. FLUX:: Immersive Technical Consultancy services are available with per hour, half day and and daily rates, for more information, see our online store.


Deploying a spatial audio mixing station, a live audio system with WFS rendering. or overall dealing with new spatial audio concepts can be frightening. Rest assured, the FLUX:: Immersive technical services are available with our team of specialists, or within our certified global integration partner network.

The exhaustive list of services includes personalized assistance, project evaluation, deployment recommendation, session configuration, on-site system commissioning, custom training, etc.

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SPAT Revolution is empowering artists, sound-designers and sound-engineers virtually unlimited possibilities to design, create and mix an outstanding real-time immersive experience.


Our beloved user guide has been updated with the new information regarding the 22.02 release, and covers all the additional features and other improvements..


All FLUX:: software is downloaded and installed using the FLUX:: Center Download and Installation manager. FLUX:: Center is available (free) on our download page.