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FLUX:: Analyzer System

The FLUX:: Analyzer System

FLUX:: Analyzer is a stand-alone software application providing a comprehensive range of real-time analyzer tools for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications, including audio mixing and mastering, loudness metering, multi-channel immersive audio, and live sound. 

Designed for optimized real-time rendering of the graphical interface, making the display react instantly to every detail in the incoming audio, to create a true real-time visual experience and literally see what you feel!

Audio Routing and System Integration 

The FLUX:: Analyzer supports ASIO and Core Audio for standard hardware integration. In addition to this, a SampleGrabber audio plugin simplifies the workflow with its effortless and versatile plugin integration, particularly when in a multi-channel immersive audio setting.  

The SampleGrabber plugin uses FLUX:: Sample Push proprietary technology to extract the samples directly from the plugin insert chain on any DAW, Digital Mixing Console, or other environment supporting standard audio plug-ins (AU/VST/AAX). The samples are then broadcasted to the FLUX:: Analyzer application, either locally on the same workstation, or on another workstation in a standard IP network, for instant real-time analysis. 

FLUX:: Analyzer SampleGrabber Plugin
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Over a Decade of Analysis

Over a Decade of Analysis 

Released in 2011, and today, after over a decade in the hands of audio engineers out in the real world, the FLUX:: Analyzer is renowned for being the most comprehensive and reliable real-time analysis software on the market, trusted by professionals across the global audio industry in music production, post-production, audio mastering, concert touring, arenas, and theaters.