Known Issues

In Development

  • [ch3164] send / return / room plugins crash in protools when ui opened modification done and close it or close session or quit protools
  • [ch3252] Source Barycentric parameters not available in send plugin automation

Ready for Development

  • [ch3289] Local Audio Path not working in Samplitude/Sequoia

    send/return plugins load without issue, but no audio sent or returned to/from Spat.

    thru and override options don't affect the tracks at all (audio always go thru the plugin)

  • [ch3134] Handling NHK 2° sub

  • [ch3166] text should display ... when not enough place to display
  • [ch3229] yaw angle in transcoder reset to zero after changing one of the parameters even if UI still display the correct value
  • [ch2108] Setup View

    • [ch2473] Output block: when stream type is HOA, the normalisation combo box should not be editable. (its value must be imposed by the modules to which it is connected)
    • [ch3136] some incoherences when changing block format while connected
    • [ch3137] Auto connect on multi selected block do not work when transcoder in the selection
    • [ch1381] Connect multiple transcoder at one time (with multi select)

      j'ai sélectionné le input transcoder + le sum + le output. j'essaie de connecter ==> ça ne marche pas. si je connecte "un par un", ça marche.

  • [ch2109] Automation

    • [ch1509] Releasing Source SOLO do not work as expected

      Avec un set up de plusieurs ROOM, lors de la selection d'un solo sur une source ou une que l'on manipule des fonctions du spat...; lors de la deselection de solo la source ou room reste en mode solo ... Pour y remédier on est obliger de faire and stop and go sur le host. J'ai cela sur LIVE 9 .... par contre si je ne manipule pas de fonction lors du solo ca marche correctement ...

    • [ch2465] "circle spread" not working as expected with multi-channel sources

  • [ch2314] Room View
    • [ch2467] On RoomView: the peak hold indicator is different in the "big" vumeters and in the small ones...


  • [ch1431] Lot of audio glitch when changing Panning Type
  • [ch2780] accents needs to be fixed in the shell


    Clipboard 2017-02-08 at 11.59.06 AM.png

    when I write an accent in the shell and

    Clipboard 2017-02-08 at 12.00.23 PM.png

    when the bot transcribe audio (speech to text)

  • [ch3094] Execute py.test on Windows build machine

    Due to a bug in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, it's not possible to build Flux.pyd (from target FluxBindingModule) with that version. As a consequence, it's not possible to build that module on buildwin.

    Because of this issue, py.test unit testing cannot be executed on Windows build machine. Corresponding job has been disabled and need to be reactivated as soon as Microsoft publish an update for Visual 2015 that fix the compiler issue.

    More info: Bug on Visual bugtracker: Similar issue on another open source project, using boost python binding (error is exactly the same):

  • [ch1959] HRTF

    Spat Revolution HRTF implementation

    • [ch2266] HRTFs in SOFA format with an IR greater than 128 samples cause crackling in the audio.
  • [ch2302] Add VST Effect Support
  • [ch3036] Add light theme to Spat

    • [ch3106] Cannot find where to change labels