Spat Revolution v1.1 Release Notes

V1.1 Build 48000

New additions and improvements:

Edit (mostly available in the popup menu; right click on the background):

  • Add Convert block To Hardware IO Block (Shift + Command + H)
  • Add Convert Hardware IO Block to Send/Return Block (Shift + Command + R)
  • Add Convert Channel Base Master Transcoder To Master Block
  • Add more selection feature:
    • Select all from type (Inputs, Sources, Rooms, Masters etc…)
    • Select all source in the selected room …
  • Toggle Rooms Mute (AB) (Command +M)
    • Muted rooms become unmutes and the invert
  • Toggle Rooms Mute (ABCD…) (Command +P)
    • Mute the unmuted room and unmuted the next available room (cycle…)
  • Add Query/Post setup/config over OSC
  • Add auto connect block dialog option after Plug-ins discovery thru OSC


  • Sum and wire connection now take care of channel name if the type does not match
  • Better Matrix editing


  • Better multi-channel source handling with different coordinate mode; Polar or Cartesian
    • Changing distance do not change anymore the distance between sub-sources.
    • Better Barycentric feature (Z rotation, scale etc…)
  • Better multi-source manipulation; especially when changing the distance
    • Changing distance do not change anymore the distance between sub-sources.
    • Better Barycentric feature (Z rotation, scale etc…)
  • Add independent Reverb Early/Cluster/Tail on/off per source
  • Implement Relative direction On/Off
    • On: source will be automatically orientated (yaw) towards the listener
    • Off: no automatic orientation
  • Add Reset Position in the source header menu (right click)
  • Add Tracking index (to be used by tracking system like Blacktraxx)
  • Radius default value @ 2 Meters


  • Add ability to change Listener position; 6 degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll); working in all different room types (fully automatable)
  • Add Reverb: “Late Reverb” Factor
  • Add Reverb: “Main Reverb” Gain
  • Add Reverb Preset Feature: Save/load, Import/Export etc…
  • Add Tracking index and tracking scale (to be used by tracking system like Blacktrax)


  • In channel base only: add the ability to have different in and out config like in transcoder with routing matrix editing. This allows to split a stream on multiple outputs; after the master transcoding… for example to send a Master Transcoder HOA to Channel base to multiple return plugins instantiated in ProTools…


  • Better S6L support thru Send plugin
  • Barycentric: Rename source Width into Scale
  • All Barycentric properties are now automatable
  • Automation thru OSC enhancement especially with XYZ and AED


  • Better OSC support and performances
  • More OSC command supported including listener position
  • OSC Duration / Timing support
  • Handle OSC Ping/Pong: sender receives his command back…
  • Add commands to Push (send) all sources properties (Alt + Command + S)
  • Add commands to Push (send) sources position (Alt + Command + P)
  • Add commands to Push (send) all rooms properties (Alt + Command + R)
  • Add commands to Push (send) all masters properties (Alt + Command + M)
  • RTTrpT integration ; BlackTrax protocol for real-time tracking
  • Add iPad Lemur PATCH
  • Remove Listener picto from DBAP and KNN channel base room

Speaker Editor:

  • Better editing features with shortcuts
    • Add shift to fine tune
    • Add Alt to do it on all speakers
    • add move up and down speaker buttons
    • Add a normalisation function (and shortcut Ctrl + N)
    • Use arrows to move in the table; Arrows are already used to move in the edit… And Ctrl / Shift are already used…
    • Validate and go to next line when typing Enter
    • Validate and go to the previous cell with Shift + Tab
    • Validate and go to the next cell when typing Tab
    • Use “Ctrl +” and “Ctrl -” to increment and decrement cells
    • Use Esc to deselect all instead of exiting
  • Add new speaker Preset
  • Display current background image in Speaker Config Dialog

3D View:

  • Better Nebula display
  • Better drawing Multichannel sources with virtual position (barycenter)
  • Better Update barycenter while moving
  • View Scale got up to 500% + Scaling Head and Speakers
  • Views renamed: top, front, top + front
  • Show Source in the Output view
  • Fade “nonsolo” source sphere if some are in “Solo”!



  • Local Audio Path with AU, AAX, VST plugins if now officially support and optimized
  • Some graphics performance improvements
  • Global performance improvements
  • Added support for MacOS Mojave


And of course a substantial number of fixes…