Upgrade Your Spat v3 to Spat Revolution Now!

In 2010 we proudly started our partnership with Ircam and released the Ircam Tools, including the Spat plugin.

Some weeks ago, in December 2020, the 20.12  Major Upgrade of our software platform and all our products was released, including Spat Revolution. With all architecture changes in operating systems, requirements of graphic handling, DAW limitations, and compatibility changes for specific plugin formats, the Spat v3 plugin had come to the point where maintaining it would mean a complete rewrite of the product. With no way to get around this, we have now reached the end of the life cycle for the Spat v3 plugin.

The immersive audio workflow requirements are increasing and the power of a dedicated renderer is needed more than anything today, which is exactly what Spat Revolution, created and released in 2017, is all about – meeting all of these growing challenges!

Spat Revolution Upgrade Offer

We are truly grateful for all of you who have been using, some of you still using, the Spat v3 plugin, and for everybody with a full active license of Spat v3, or the Ircam Tools bundle including Spat v3, we offer two loyalty upgrade options to choose from towards Spat Revolution – A 50% discount on a perpetual license (EDU Partner Program available, see the upgrade page), or a 6 month subscription for FREE!

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Spat v3 – Final Compatibility Specifications

The Spat v3 plugin is still available for download and installation in FLUX:: Center and the final compatibility specifications are:


  • Plugin Formats; AAX Native, VST2, AudioUnit (macOS) 
  • 16 Channels Inputs and Outputs
  • Windows – 7 SP1, 8.1 and 10
  • macOS (Intel) – Mountain Lion to High Sierra (our last public release)

Spat Revolution – Compatibility Specifications

Stand-alone software with an unlimited number of Inputs and Outputs (Hardware and audio interface dependant). 32/64-bits internal floating-point processing. Sampling rate up to 384 kHz, Block size buffer starting at 16 blocks.

    • A dedicated stand-alone renderer application
    • Spat Send/Return/Room plugins available in AU / VST / AAX Native
    • Spat Send plugins available in AAX for AVID VENUE.
    • Unlimited number of Inputs and Outputs 
    • Windows – 7 SP1, 8.1 and 10 (all in 64 bits only)
    • macOS (Intel) – All versions from 10.12 (64bit only) – Big Sur compliant
    • Adopting an object-based mixing strategy
    • Handling of today’s Immersive Audio workflow requirements, meeting all the new growing challenges for multichannel Immersive audio.

Spat Revolution – Documentation and Resources

Spat Revolution User Guide


Spat Revolution Resources

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