Oct 17, 2018

Foto: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

Technical Supplier: Feedback Show Systems & Service GmbH
Immersive Audio Consultants: Sphereo – Jonas Gehrmann & Fabian Knauber
Sound Designer: Cedric Beatty
FOH Engineer: Tobias Wallraff

October 11th this year the VIVID Grand show had its premiere at the Friedrichstadt-Palast theater, one of Europe largest and newest venues located in the theater district Mitte in Berlin.

The show is a declaration of love to life featuring more than 100 stunning artists on the world’s biggest theater stage, with a long-term residency plan and a production budget of 12 million euros for spectacular costumes, and stage sets of unparalleled dimensions.

The sound design team turned to Flux:: and the Spat Revolution Immersive Audio Engine, which is providing the main virtual room, a 5th order Ambisonic (HOA) soundscape to achieve smooth and precise crossover panning through different systems.

One of the important requirements that made Spat Revolution the obvious choice for this show,  was to be able to transcode the Ambisonic mix to different channel based speaker arrangements, which is one of the important core features of the Spat Revolution.

’With adjusting the distances between all speaker positions we accomplished a very smooth panning for 360° without huge level drops’’ – States Jonas Gehrmann, 3D Audio consultant from Sphereo.

Another important task for this project, was to provide an additional immersive mix for the Wall Sky Lounge, a special VIP area with a 4.1 Channel based system, and the backstage mixes in stereo. Both these things are achieved with the Spat Revolution by simply down-mixing the original 5th order Ambisonic mix using different transcoders simultaneously.

At FOH on this project an Avid S6L 32D mixing system is used, feeding two Spat Revolution engine servers (Mac Pro) via MADI while Pro Tools is providing playback and automation using the Spat Send plugins.

The in-house classic system is comprised of a main LCR arrangement together with surround speakers. The original routing of this system was using single console auxes to single surround positions in order to pan sources manually in the house.

Since the house system is also used for guest productions, who need a traditional  setup, and that neither space or budget allowed for a second immersive system, the actual current house system alone is used for the immersive integration. Mind the whole visual design of this spectacular show!

Composed of different loudspeaker brand and models, the system includes main hangs and delays from Turbosound (FLEX ARRAY) and Surround hangs with FLEX ARRAY and Meyer Sound M’elodie. The Surround speakers include Meyer Sound UPJ and finally Turbosound FLEX and Meyer Sound MM4 completed the system with fills.

Friedrichstadt-Palast Theater