Orleans, France – February 2020…

It has been a banner year for FLUX::Immersive, a pioneer in audio plug-in design and immersive technologies. The company enjoyed tremendous growth in 2019, and enters 2020 primed for even more expansion. Unified under the FLUX:: brand, the company now encompasses multiple divisions focused on engineering and business development.

The company’s home office in Orleans, France is now home to Flux: Software Engineering (SE). Led by company founder and President Gaël Martinet, Flux SE is focused on software research and development, including the company’s highly acclaimed SPAT Revolution immersive software. Flux SE’s third-party development projects include prototyping and development of audio plug-ins, workstation platforms, software processing libraries and algorithms, working with such high-profile collaborators as IRCAM, Merging Technologies, and Jünger Audio.

The recent opening of Montreal, Canada-based Flux Technologies, home of Flux:: Immersive Consulting Group, provides the company with a strong presence in North America. Technology veteran and long-time key partner Hugo Larin joins the company as a shareholder and Director of Business Development, and will spearhead global expansion of the company’s sales and marketing network, as well as overseeing integration with hardware manufacturers, and expanding the company’s growing presence in the live entertainment sector.

“We have come a long way since I founded Flux 20 years ago, and it’s been an amazing journey,” remarked Martinet. “And yet it’s clear that this was just the beginning. Our growth now has dramatically accelerated. We have some exciting new products and projects in the works, and the future is very bright for Flux.”

“Flux products speak for themselves, and our collaborations with technology leaders has given us a unique perspective on the needs and demands of industry professionals worldwide,” added Larin. “From our humble beginnings as a single-owner software engineering startup, Flux has  grown to become a customer-focused leader and innovator. Today Flux technology can be found in the world’s leading performance venues and studios. We’re immensely proud of the team we’ve built, and the best is yet to come.”

For more information on Flux:: visit www.flux.audio or connect with #fluximmersive on social media.