Orleans, France – March 2021

FLUX::Immersive has announced ReaVolution, a complete Immersive Audio creation and production package built to simplify the setup and integration of Spat Revolution Immersive software and Reaper DAW software.

At the basis of ReaVolution is the acclaimed DAW software Reaper, developed by digital audio technology company Cockos, widely acknowledged as a reliable full-featured DAW with extensive customization possibilities. With its high track and channel count capabilities and support for a wide range of speaker configurations, Reaper is ideally suited for immersive audio creation.

The default configuration of Reaper is something of a blank slate when it comes to working with Immersive sound workflows. ReaVolution provides a starting point and customization for successful customization of Reaper and Spat.

ReaVolution Main Objectives

Setup Wizardry

The ReaVolution package includes macros (scripts), customized toolbars, and system behaviour preference enhancements. The goal of ReaVolution is to address some of the most common issues by offering a new set of functions dedicated to Immersive audio production, and to provide a more cohesive starting point for users coming from other DAWs. 


  • Improve the workflow for Immersive sound production, particularly with Spat Revolution


  • Quickly create source-objects and return routes to and from Spat Rendering
  • Provide powerful routing and bussing capabilities
  • Solve some default configuration problems (file management, auto backup, etc.)
  • Simplify the audio and MIDI editing workflow and add some source-destination features
  • Identify track format as an Immersive audio object type (addressing Reaper track format limitation) 
  • Provide support for the same stream formats as Spat Revolution: Channel-based, HOA, Ambisonics, Binaural and Transaural.
  • Provide macros to quickly manage sending tracks, creating busses, folders, etc.

Audio Stream library

Speaker Arrangement

ReaVolution comes with a set of actions that automates requirements for sending audio from Reaper to Spat Revolution, and works in pairs with the Audio Stream library to support any channel configuration. It uses the Audio Stream library to support any kind of channel arrangement and provide full compatibility with an Immersive sound workflow.

This library is the core of ReaVolution, designed to provide a way to overcome Reaper’s limitations on track formats. By default, Reaper limits track channels to even numbers. But in the real world, there are numerous audio streams that come in odd channel numbers, mono being the really obvious one.

The library combines a JSFX called “Audio Stream” along with some other scripts. This JSFX is present on every track and is used to store and display the stream type to the user. It supports the same stream formats as Spat Revolution: Channel-based, HOA, Ambisonics, Binaural and Transaural.


Download and Install

Before installing ReaVolution, we recommend reading the documentation.
ReaVolution Documentation

Download the latest version of Reaper
REAPER Download

Download the latest version of ReaVolution via FLUX:: Center
FLUX:: Center Download



ReaVolution consists of an additional function library containing approximately 80 new scripts created by FLUX:: team member Jean-Loup Pecqais.

ReaVolution is built using the following Reaper extensions:


The ReaVolution theme uses graphical elements provided to the Reaper community by the creator of the original Reaper 6 theme; White Tie.