Meung-Sur-Loire, France – September 2022

FLUX:: Immersive, pioneers in audio plug-in design, analysis, and leaders in creation of software tools for immersive audio production, is today proud to announce the release of their latest SPAT Revolution version 2022.09 update. 

SPAT Revolution 2022.09
The SPAT Revolution 2022.09 update presents a new version of FLUX:: Immersive’s comprehensive spatialization tool SPAT Revolution, offering new workflow features including a new Snapshot management system, Delay/Latency compensation for software and hardware inputs, New Item list page for simpler management, and updated speaker editor to ease managing loudspeaker arrangement planning. This update announced as well increased functionality and session interchange for SPAT Revolution Essential versions.

Taking a deeper step with this release, the software is boosted in performance with multithreading optimization and recent macOS: Core audio workgroup implementation, together with FLUX:: flagship and unique Nebula technologie being faster, more efficient and elegant than ever.

Beyond features, users can now take advantage of the recently announced SPAT Revolution Rent To Own program where a monthly subscription gets converted to a perpetual license after a period of time.

Licenses and Upgrades
The 22.09 update is the first paid upgrade since SPAT Revolution was released in 2017 and requires a new license. 

Users with a SPAT Revolution activation made from September 1st, 2021, which includes 1-year support and upgrades, have  automatically received the newly updated licenses (with surrender) in their iLok license manager.

Users with a SPAT Revolution perpetual license activated prior to September 1st 2021 can purchase a license upgrade (surrendering the original license to new license bundle) in the FLUX:: store while logged in on their account.

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Release Details


SPAT Revolution 22.09 is available now in the FLUX:: online store as perpetual licenses, subscription, and subscription with rent to own option, and as perpetual licenses from authorized resellers.

Rent To Own
Rent To Own is a Monthly subscription plan without any commitment, and if you choose to continue your Rent To Own for a total of 24 paid months you will receive a perpetual license and own your software, forever, together with an associated support contract.Available for both SPAT Revolution Essential and Ultimate versions, with the optional WFS add-on license.

FLUX:: Immersive – Rent To Own

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About SPAT Revolution

SPAT Revolution is a state-of-the-art real-time immersive audio mix engine software, redefining the art of object-oriented and perceptual mixing. This makes it possible to intuitively position audio-sources in space, letting the acoustic signature of the room build the desired depth, independently from the output format. Designed to integrate into virtually any workflow, and with full automation of the spatialization parameters, SPAT Revolution offers a wide range of possibilities, empowering artists, sound-designers, and sound-engineers virtually unlimited possibilities to design, create and mix an outstanding immersive experience.

SPAT Revolution is the result of a successful partnership between FLUX:: Immersive and the French research institute Ircam, created to bring the vast research performed at Ircam available to the market.

About FLUX:: Immersive

FLUX:: Immersive has established a reputation as a leader in the creation of audio processing software, with the core idea to design inspiring technically innovative tools for sound engineers, with no compromise of the audio quality. The company has always been in the forefront of the development of software solutions for the professional audio industry, supporting multichannel processing, which for over a decade has been frequently used for multichannel surround recording, movie post-production, immersive live & installation sound, and in various other applications.

About Ircam

Ircam, Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music, is one of the world’s leading public research institutes in the fields of musical expression, science of music, sound and acoustics. The institute has for the last decades made a significant importance to the world of avant-garde and electro-acoustical art music, with its groundbreaking scientific and technological innovations, including numerous concepts for electronic music and audio processing.