Orléans, France—December 2019… FLUX:: and LS Media are pleased to announce that LS Media has joined the FLUX:: Immersive Consulting Group, a coalition of companies and individuals that provide services and support for the deployment of FLUX:: Spat Revolution and other FLUX:: immersive audio products and technologies.
Based in Montreal, Canada, LS Media provides a variety of services for the professional audio market, including design assistance, system commissioning, predesign, operator and system training, and hardware testing, qualification, and support. LS Media is especially well known for its services for AVID customers.

Founded in 2006, Flux:: creates intuitive and technically intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, used by sound engineers and producers in the professional audio, broadcast, post production and mastering industry.
The French company is at the forefront of the immersive audio revolution, teaming with Paris-based research institute IRCAM to provide groundbreaking reverberation, acoustics, and spatialization technology and research.

“LS Media will still be an AVID Learning partner and will continue to provide AVID certification and commissioning,” notes LS Media Business Director Hugh Larin, “The big news is that as part of the FLUX Immersive Consulting Group, we’re now providing our services for the deployment of FLUX:: immersive technologies, including Spat Revolution. We can help with design assistance and predesign support, and we will provide consulting services when people are not quite sure where to start when putting together a FLUX:: immersive system. We’ll go all the way to hardware qualification, hardware support, and lists of what should be deployed.”

“LS Media is an essential partner in the FLUX Immersive Consulting Group,” emphasizes FLUX:: founder Gaël Martinet. “LS Media brings in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience providing high-level design, consulting, technical support, and other services for audio professionals. In particular, Hugo Larin has been a key collaborator in the FLUX:: Spat Revolution audio engine project, and he has deep roots in audio mixing, design, and operation, as well as in networked control and data distribution. With the addition of LS Media, the FLUX Immersive Consulting Group is far stronger. Customers who want to deploy Spat Revolution and our other immersive audio technologies can now access a level of services that was not previously available.”

For more information about FLUX:: SE, visit www.flux.audio. For more information about LS Media, visit https://lsmediapro.ca.