FLUX:: Immersive Studio at Showmedia in Montreal is now available for object-based mixing and immersive audio productions. The facility is equipped for training, pre-production mixing, auralization/virtualization and live production mixing for spatial audio streaming in binaural, as well as for other types of immersive audio projects.

The studio is based around an Avid S6L Mixing Console system and up to 128 channels of Pro Tools recording for virtual production and pre-production, with object-based audio (ADM) recording & playback (Incl. Dolby ADM Master playback).

For the immersive mixing a redundant FLUX:: IRCAM Spat Revolution rendering engine is used, supporting various sample rates and audio interfaces (AVB, Dante, MADI, etc).

The Spat system provides virtual rooms for various stream types, formats and technologies (WFS, Ambisonic, Binaural and traditional 2D/3D systems including Dolby Atmos), including Binaural audio stream type with real-time rendering for streaming spatial audio on two channels.

The studio provides monitoring in stereo, binaural and multichannel frontal for WFS or Angular. Surround support option is possible.

On our homefield we of course have all the FLUX:: audio processing tools, and the Flux:: Analyzer multichannel audio analysis system available.

Other gear available in the studio is; Merging Technologies Ovation playout, Remote stage I/O blocks of 64 x 32 (up to 192 channels), Audio Toolbox for bridging to various formats (MADI, MADI SFP, AES 67, AVB, DANTE), and of course, loads of other beautiful audio gear…