SPAT Revolution Essential - Setup Wizard

Bring a sense of space and depth to your mix

A revolutionary object and perceptual immersive mixing tool where you intuitively position source in spaces and let the acoustic signature of the room build the desired depth.



SPAT Revolution Essential - Setup Wizard

Configure your Immersive audio session without a fuss

Rapidly deploy and manage your object-based mix session with up to 32 audio channels to a virtual room and render in binaural, up to 12 output in channel-based (ex: Atmos 7.1.4) or up to 3rd order Ambisonic such as AmbiX. 



SPAT Revolution Essential - Hardware Integration

Integrate with virtually any DAW software or hardware I/O

Use your physical or virtual audio interface of choice as your hardware I/O or vastly expand your DAW’s capabilities using SPAT plugin suites and the audio pipe technology for software audio routing and parameters automation.



SPAT Reavolution

Take advantage of ReaVolution, a Reaper package for SPAT Revolution

A complete immersive audio creation and production package facilitating the setup, integration, and workflow of SPAT Revolution in Reaper and 100% Freeware. ReaVolution improves the workflow for Immersive sound production, helps quickly create source-objects and return routes to and from SPAT Rendering and much more.