Chalezeule and Orléans, France – October 2021

Espace Concept, a key player in innovation within the field of sound and digital audio for 20 years, is now offering the best of immersive sound in an in-house integrated software and hardware solution: ZEPHYR, powered by FLUX :: IMMERSIVE SPAT Revolution 

“We are proud to become certified integrators in France for the spatialization and analysis technologies from FLUX:: Immersive”, declares  Alain Roy, founder and sound engineer at Espace Concept.

Based on FLUX:: IMMERSIVE’s SPAT Revolution technology, and the expertise of the integrator Espace Concept, the company offers an immersive solution that guarantees the audience a unique hearing and sensory experience.

Today, everything is converging towards immersive and Alain Roy has anticipated it well. With ZEPHYR audio system the company offers a complete solution for immersive sound, with focus on concerts and theater performances. When talking about immersive sound, it’s virtually impossible to find a turnkey solution bringing together hardware, software and technical expertise .

In short, ZEPHYR offers a complete solution for immersive audio, adaptable to all forms of venues and applications (shows, concerts, performances, recordings, etc.), as well as for all other applications in the pro audio industry.

On the technical side, ZEPHYR offers a 100% personalized hardware configuration according to requirements. The solution is based on two dedicated softwares for live audio; SPAT Revolution for managing the immersive audio part, and FLUX:: Analyzer for the configuration of the sound system.

Personalized support covers several areas relating to creation and immersive broadcasting; sound design, acoustic staging, pure immersion, OSC (Open Sound Control for parameter automation), as well as for systems allowing redundancy when required.

ZEPHYR took its first steps into the French market in  September 2021. The Fontaine theater in Paris was  the first room equipped with the ZEPHYR immersive solution, in a production named; “Dans la cour des grands”, with a soundtrack by Richard Gotainer and Michaël Lapie.


Espace Concept, which has for several years contributed to the democratization of immersive sound, has become a recognized player in its field. Its research and development center has participated in numerous services where the objective was to improve, to complete the sensation of listening by creating a form of sound immersion … Today, Espace Concept offers a new dimension of immersive sound with ZEPHYR available for rental, service or for sale.

About FLUX:: Immersive
FLUX:: Immersive has established a reputation as a leader in the creation of audio processing software with the core idea to design inspiring technically innovative tools for sound engineers, with no compromise of the audio quality. The company has always been at the forefront of the development of software solutions for the professional audio industry, supporting multichannel processing, which for over a decade has been frequently used for multichannel surround recording, movie post-production, immersive live & installation sound, and in various other applications.

About SPAT Revolution
SPAT Revolution is a state-of-the-art real-time immersive audio mix engine, redefining the art of object-oriented and perceptual mixing making it possible to intuitively position audio sources in space, letting the acoustic signature of the room build the desired depth, independently from the output format. Designed to integrate into virtually any workflow, and with full automation of the spatialization parameters, SPAT Revolution offers a wide range of possibilities, empowering artists, sound designers and sound-engineers virtually unlimited possibilities to design, create and mix an outstanding immersive experience

SPAT Revolution is the result of a successful partnership between FLUX:: Immersive and the French research institute Ircam, created to bring the vast research performed at Ircam available to the market.

About Ircam
Ircam, Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music, is one of the world’s leading public research institutes in the fields of musical expression, science of music, sound and acoustics. The institute has for the last decades made significant importance to the world of avant-garde and electro-acoustical art music, with its groundbreaking scientific and technological innovations including numerous concepts for electronic music and audio processing.

Photo credit: Thomas JACQUOT
Context: The photo is from a performance by Jordi Savall orchestra at “Les salines royales d’Arc-et-Senans”, in France, August 28th.