Orleans, France – November 2021

FLUX:: Immersive, leader in creation of software tools for  immersive audio production, is today proud to announce the release of Elixir Essential, True Peak Limiter for Immersive mixing with Dolby Atmos® support.


Elixir Essential – Bring Your Immersive Mix To Level!

Elixir Essential is based around the same ultra transparent algorithm as the legacy Elixir v3, meticulously designed to achieve a true natural sounding result preserving the natural timbre of the audio material, used by recording and mastering engineers for almost a decade now. Supporting up to 16 channels, conforming with the ITU-R and EBU loudness norms, makes Elixir Essential an indispensable tool for immersive audio productions including Dolby Atmos®.


  • True Peak conforming with ITU-R and EBU norms
    Meeting the broadcast, post-production, and mastering industry norms with real True Peak output in accordance with the ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R128 norms.
  • Now supporting up to 16 channels
    Provides up to 16 channels of processing, operating at sample rates up to 384kHz.
  • Multistage processing in up to 4 stages
    The multistage processing provides the option to set the algorithm to perform the limiting processing in multi-stages, for even more precise and natural sounding results.
  • Revamped optimized user interface
    The GUI has been completely modernized, with the workflow overhauled to enhance the user experience, and optimized to visually control the whole audio content.
  • Now with scalable user interface in 6 steps
    The user interface is now scalable in 6 steps to easily adapt to the screen resolution of the DAW workstation; 800×600, 1000×750, 1200×900, 1300×975, 1600×1200, and 2000×1500.
  • New presets
    New presets meeting the output true-peak recommendations for Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and Netflix. 

Introduction Offer – $99 / 85€
MSRP – $149 / 125€

Elixir Essential is available now from FLUX:: Immersive and their resellers, and is also included in their new Immersive audio production plugin bundle, Immersive:: Essentials.

Elixir Essential

Immersive:: Essentials

About FLUX:: Immersive
FLUX:: Immersive has established a reputation as a leader in the creation of audio processing software with the core idea to design inspiring technically innovative tools for sound engineers, with no compromise of the audio quality. The company has always been in the forefront of the development of software solutions for the professional audio industry, supporting multichannel processing, which for over a decade has been frequently used for multichannel surround recording, movie post-production, immersive live & installation sound, and in various other applications.