Orleans, France – May 2021

FLUX:: Immersive presents a series of workshops on Spatial Audio Concepts and SPAT Revolution deployment training in collaboration with AFDAS accredited professional training Center, Whiti Audio, in France.

The workshops, open to sound designers, audio engineers, and others with an interest in multi-channel audio, offer a detailed study in perceptual audio and object-based mixing, exploring advanced techniques for creating high-quality spatial audio productions. The goal is to deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding of 3D audio technologies including HOA, WFS, binaural, and more, as well as auditory spatial perception, room acoustics, and reverberation processing.

Beginning with a historical overview of spatial audio production, the workshops cover auditory perception and advanced spatial audio techniques including acoustic simulation and virtual spaces within the IRCAM architecture, channel-based and scene-based rendering formats, and position and direction panning methodologies.

Additional modules introduce SPAT Revolution and production workflows, ranging from a single computer to dedicated spatial rendering engines and playback workstations. Hands-on exercises enable attendees to audition object-based mixing in a binaural setting, as well as an overview of various speaker arrangements. The courses also include a deep dive into third-party integration tools, from DAW workflow and audio sequencing to show controllers and hardware using Open Sound Control (OSC).

“We are literally living through a paradigm shift, with new approaches to mixing that immerse our audiences and bring a new sense of depth via immersive audio cues,” remarked Hugo Larin, Business Director for FLUX:: Immersive.

“Helping our professional community to understand and feel comfortable with these new tools is key to their implementation. Immersive is often perceived as elite and complex to deploy, but in truth it is totally approachable, and the tools are already here and easy to use. For many, once they’ve tried it there is no turning back.”

“Knowledge is power, and a key element in the adoption of immersive audio is knowledge,” Larin concludes.

“At FLUX:: Immersive, we are working tirelessly to bring this knowledge to audio professionals around the world.”

The Spatial Audio Concepts and SPAT Revolution training is available for education and training centers, and offers participants to dive into the world of object-based and perceptual mixing, and how to set up and deploy Spatial Audio solutions using Spat Revolution.

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About SPAT Revolution

Spat Revolution is based on years of research by the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team at the French audio research institute; Ircam, combined with the innovative product expertise of French pro-audio software creator FLUX::Software Engineering.

About FLUX::
FLUX:: has gained a well-deserved reputation as a leader in audio plug-in design. Chosen by the world’s most prestigious recording studios, film sound stages, and radio and TV broadcasters, FLUX:: attention to sonic quality and performance has kept the company at the forefront of developing solutions for audio professionals to deliver impeccable results.