Orleans, France – December 2021

Some weeks ago we released the new Elixir Essential True Peak Limiter, with 16 channel support for immersive audio production and a new improved user interface. As if this was not enough, our amazing development team has kept us some holiday season surprises…

A new build is now available providing up to 12 stages of multistage processing, vastly improving the processing quality and maintaining transparency of the material even under the most extreme conditions.

What is multistage processing?

The holiday season surprises don’t end there, in addition 64-bit float audio processing mode has been engaged in order to allow for end to end 64 bit audio with DAWs/Hosts supporting this.

The Elixir Essential introduction offer continues until the end of the year, available as the Elixir Essential plugin, as well as a part of the new immersive production plugin bundle; Immersive:: Essentials.

Loyalty Upgrade Offer

For all current owners of the legacy Elixir v3, and plugin bundles containing this, a loyalty upgrade offer is available in the FLUX:: online store.

How do I benefit from this loyalty upgrade offer?

Elixir Essential – Bring Your Immersive Mix To Level!

Elixir Essential True Peak limiter, is based around the same ultra transparent algorithm as the legacy Elixir v3, meticulously designed to achieve a true natural sounding result preserving the natural timbre of the audio material, used by recording and mastering engineers for almost a decade now.

Now supporting up to 16 channels, conforming with the ITU-R and EBU loudness norms with presets for streaming platforms including Apple Music, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and others, and with a new revamped user interface providing scaling for adapting to different screen resolutions.

The Elixir Essential was released some weeks ago, if you missed the release: Read More Here.

About FLUX:: Immersive
FLUX:: Immersive has established a reputation as a leader in the creation of audio processing software with the core idea to design inspiring technically innovative tools for sound engineers, with no compromise of the audio quality. The company has always been in the forefront of the development of software solutions for the professional audio industry, supporting multichannel processing, which for over a decade has been frequently used for multichannel surround recording, movie post-production, immersive live & installation sound, and in various other applications.