Orléans, France – February 2022

With today’s demand for the entertainment to completely immerse the audience in the experience, and for producing a stable soundscape image throughout an entire audience listening area, FLUX:: Immersive announces the release of an add-on license option which provides WFS , Wave Field Synthesis technique for spatial audio reproduction. 

The SPAT Revolution audio mix engine software WFS add-on allows the distinctive Wave Field Synthesis approach deployment on colinear speaker systems (line of speakers in a frontal setting) and with qualified 2D/3D speaker arrangements surrounding the audience.

“We intended to deliver a flexible WFS technique approach for systems that don’t have the typical density / speaker element spacing. Our field testing simply proved that employing this even in a non classical setup, potentially rendered superior results to the quality of the restitution of the soundfield.” states Gael Martinet 

WFS is a spatial audio reproduction technique characterized by the creation of virtual acoustic environments. It produces artificial wavefronts synthesized by a number of loudspeakers, aiming to reproduce the true physical attributes of a given sound field over an extended area of the listening room. Contrary to traditional spatialization techniques, such as the directional based approach , the localization of virtual sources in WFS does not depend on phantom sound sources and the listener’s position.  The position remains stable for a single listener moving around.

Martinet added ”We have been locked with old hearing paradigms such as stereophonic principles and the acoustical illusion it creates. Now, this WFS approach allows for a completely different loudspeaker contribution to the system and the entire audience area it’s diffusing to”

With the SPAT Revolution WFS add-on license option, SPAT Revolution Ultimate v22.02 sessions can now use the WFS technique as a panning option in channel based room setup using the SPAT Revolution software application.

In the effort to ensure a system driven approach and the best deployment of SPAT Revolution and the WFS systems,  FLUX:: Immersive system integration experts are available to provide the consulting services required for any projects. From best practices recommendation to system configuration files.  

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