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How To download and install on an offline computer using FLUX:: Center

Important – Verify that the latest version of FLUX:: Center is installed on BOTH the Online computer (used for the download), and on the Offline computer (where the installation will be done)

1 – On the online machine

  • Open Flux:: Center preferences and click on ‘clear cache’ button

  • Enable ‘Download Only Mode’ and set the OS and formats versions you need to download.

  • Click ‘ok’ to go back to the main page and download the products

  • When all the products have been downloaded, go back to the preferences page and click onto the ‘export cache’ button.

  • Save the file (on an USB key for example, you’ll need to access the file from the offline machine in the next step)

2 – On the offline machine

  • Open Flux:: Center (you’ll be prompted that Flux:: Center is running in offline mode), go the the preferences and click on ‘Import Cache’ button. Select the file saved in the previous step.

  • You have the choice to merge the actual cache or to clear and replace it with the products from the imported file.

  • Click ‘ok’ to go back to the main page, the products should be available.

  • Install the products
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