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IRCAM Tools HEar in 5.1 in Digital Performer

How to setup IRCAM Tools HEar in 5.1 in Digital Performer.

  1. Create six mono audio tracks and one aux track.
  2. Set the outputs of each mono audio track to Bus 1-6, respectively.
  3. Set the input of the aux track to Bus 1-6.
  4. Set the output of the aux track to a 5.1 surround bundle where the first two outputs are the ones you are monitoring from (i.e. headphones)
  5. Insert the AU plugin on the aux track.

This setup will feed the outputs of each audio track into the plugin on the aux. The plugin will then output a stereo track, which is sent to the first two outputs of the surround output bundle.

To create a surround bundle (which you will need to do for bus 1-6 and your 5.1 output bundle) go to the Bundles window. Select the Outputs tab. Click the “add” button. This will create a new bundle. Select the dropdown menu in the ‘Model’ column to set the bundle to 5.1.

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