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Troubleshooting with DAW automation reading

First, determine if you are using Local Audio Path or OSC.

How to determine this?

The SPAT Send and Return plugins use Local Audio Path automation when the « Enable » of the plugin is activated, i.e. when the audio is sent to SPAT Revolution via the plugin:

When the Local Audio Path is deactivated, i.e. the « Enable » button is off, OSC controls the objects:

OSC is used always used for the SPAT Room plugins.

Automation reading and Local Audio Path

  • Ensure your DAW and the wanted track automation status are set to “Read” or “Touch”.
  • Then, on the « Item page » on SPAT Revolution, check if the “Automation” field of the wanted source is enabled. This parameter allows disabling the incoming automation input.

  • If the automation does not work, on the SPAT plugin, please check if the field « Publish changes in main thread » is set according to the following wanted status for your DAW:
    ON: Ableton Live, ProTools, Steinberg products (Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab), StudioOne
    OFF: all others
  • Finally, check if the source index in SPAT Revolution and the plugin source index are the same. It can sometimes, according to the DAW, causes issues.

If it still does not work, please contact us.

Automation reading and OSC

  • Ensure the OSC is properly configured on both SPAT Revolution and SPAT plugin sides, i.e. the address IP and the port number are configured. Use if DAW and SPAT Revolution are on the same machine.
  • Make sure that “OSC Enable” is checked on the preferences page, or on the menu “Preferences”

  • Make sure the plugin source index and the source remote number in SPAT are the same.
  • On the “source” page, ensure the “Remote” field is checked for the wanted sources.

  • To check if SPAT Revolution receives the OSC data sent by the plugin, enable the “Command log” on the OSC preferences panel, then open the terminal (menu Help, or F7). OSC input messages will be shown in it.
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