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Troubleshooting with OSC

Working with multiple external controller devices is easy with OSC, as long as controllers are updated and in sync with the SPAT Revolution parameters.

In order to ensure this synchronization, SPAT Revolution will send all parameter data to the different devices based on the OSC output configured in the application preference. This action automatically happens at the session opening. Something we may refer to as an OSC dump.

If you ever experience an out-of-sync device, for example by enabling an OSC device after session opening, some actions located in the “Setup/OSC” menu could help you send the current parameters to all OSC devices configured on output:

  • Send all sources properties (Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + S)
  • Send all sources position (Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + P)
  • Send all rooms properties  (Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + R)
  • Send all master properties (Option/Alt + Command/Ctrl + M)

These actions will send dedicated data on all the configured and available OSC output sockets.

To note, some issues currently exist with these OSC dump functionalities:

  • Sources’ positions aren’t sent on session opening. You may have to use the “Send all sources position” action to resolve it.
  • Shortcuts and actions only work on the setup page.

Note: To ensure that you are actually sending the data, you can simply enable the command log in the OSC Main section page of the preferences and then open a terminal window from the Help menu.

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