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How to set up Logic Pro with SPAT Revolution?

This article explains how to set up SPAT Revolution and Logic Pro X to work in Local Audio Path mode. Before starting, please read this article, explaining how to set up DAW routing with SPAT Revolution in order to avoid sync issues.

Local Audio Path Sync Issues

Logic Specifics

Logic will stop processing a track if it can’t find any sound on its input, and here you will not receive any sound sent back by SPAT unless you route any audio to this track.

The way to go with Logic is to route the dry signal from the Send track to an aux bus, and then insert the Return plugin on this aux bus as well. Doing it this way, Logic will detect audio at the aux bus input, and everything will work as intended. 

When enabling the Override option in the Return plugin (to bypass the dry signal) and then enabling the Thru option in the Send plugin, the dry signal is sent back to the Return tracks. 

Here is a basic Logic Pro X project with 8 audio Send tracks and 2 Stereo Return tracks. 

Download Logic Pro X Project

 Please note the use of a ‘Dummy’ bus track to make the audio tracks easier to setup. Just route your audio tracks to Bus 1 and insert a  Send plugin with the Local Audio Path option enabled. 

This ‘Dummy’ bus track has 2 aux sends (pre-fader) routing the signal to both the Return tracks. 

Now you can add an audio file to one of the Send tracks, and connect the input and outputs objects in SPAT Revolution.

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