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Are there any head-tracking devices compatible with SPAT Revolution?

In theory, any head-tracking device that can bridge its data to OSC can work with SPAT Revolution. The software supports individual OSC messages for /yaw, /pitch, and /roll or packed /ypr as a single composite OSC message containing three floats.

These parameters are:

  • yaw | Yaw angle in degrees [increasing clockwise] 
  • pitch | Pitch angle in degrees [increasing upwards]
  • roll | Roll angle in degrees [increasing clockwise]

An example of a packed message for controlling the listener of room 1 would be:


The Supperware Ltd Head Tracker 1 USB-powered 3D head motion sensor for immersive audio professionals is a tested unit with SPAT Revolution using the Bridgehead Windows and macOS application.

The attached script file is a file that can be simply used with Bridgehead application or customized (reversing the polarity, rotating the scene, using individual messages) to the user preferences.

The files get located in the user folder under /Library/Bridgehead (macOS)  or \AppData\Roaming\Bridgehead in Windows.

More information about OSC into SPAT Revolution:

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