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Why are there two different FLUX Analyzer Essential application files installed?

The f64 FLUX:: Analyzer Essential application file works internally in 64-bit float, while the non-f64 version works internally in 32-bit float. It is a minor difference in precision. The 64-bit version consumes more processing resources.

The 32-bit version is already very precise and should be more than enough for all common everyday applications. The 64-bit version is provided for very specific applications, that sometimes may require extreme detail in the analysis, typically in the research field.

Files installed

Analyzer Essential


  • FluxAnalyzer-x64.exe
  • FluxAnalyzer-f64-x64.exe


  • FluxAnalyzer
  • FluxAnalyzer-f64

Note that the Session Analyzer does not provide the 64-bit version.

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