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iLok Machine Activation Reset

If an iLok license activated to your computer (iLok Machine Authorization) is lost, due to hardware failure or re-installation of the operating system, etc… please contact us and include the following information:

  • Your iLok user account ID
  • The old machine (Location) ID to deactivate as it appears in the iLok license manager. Under “All licenses” double click on the license to show details. you’ll find the actual activation locations, copy/paste the line that concerns the machine activation to disable.

With this information we can reset the license by blocking the old location, so please verify that you send us the right machine (Location) ID for the old computer as this action will block the machine and this action can’t be undone.

IMPORTANT: We are not part of iLok so we can only reset the licenses of the products made by us ( FLUX:: ), if you don’t own a FLUX SOFTWARE ENGINEERING license please contact the support of the company that manufactures the product(s) you want to reset. Thanks for your understanding.

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