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How To download and install software using FLUX:: Center

Software Licenses and iLok

First of all, to use FLUX:: software, an iLok user account is required, with the exception of FLUX:: Freeware products, BitterSweet and StereoTool, which both do not require any iLok user account or licenses at all. Flux:: software licenses allow for two simultaneous activations, and support all generations iLok USB keys as well as activation direct to a computer workstation.

iLok License Activation

WINDOWS USERS IMPORTANT – Prerequisites when using FLUX:: Center on Windows

If you have any FLUX:: / Ircam / Jünger Audio software that was installed before installing FLUX:: Center, using standard Windows Installer MSI installation files, then ALL previously installed Flux:: / Ircam / Jünger software needs to be uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs, before installing and using Flux:: Center for the first time.

Starting up Center for the first time

After installing and starting Flux:: Center it will begin downloading resources from our servers and a progress bar is displayed. When the download is finished, you will then be able to start using the Center to install your software.

FLUX:: Center Preferences Setup

Flux:: Center is used for installing all our software and all of the different plug-in formats. When using Center for the first time, you should set up the Center Preferences to only download and install the plug-in formats that you need.

To access Center Preferences, simply click on the gear symbol located to the right at the top of the Center window.

Plug-in Formats and Software Installation Path

Plugin Formats

In Center preferences you can enable or disable the different plug-in formats, making it possible to setup Center to only install the plug-in formats you need.

  • VST 32 (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • VST 64 (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • AAX 32 (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • AAX 64 (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • AU 32 (Mac OS X Only)
  • AU 64 (Mac OS X Only)
  • Waves WPAPI (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • VS3 Pyramix 9 x86 (For Merging Pyramix, Windows Only)
  • VS3 Pyramix 9 x64 (For Merging Pyramix, Windows Only)
  • VS3 Pyramix 10 (For Merging Pyramix, Windows Only)
  • AAX VENUE (Windows & Mac OS X)

Software Installation Path (Windows Only)

In Windows, the software installation paths can be edited for the different software and plugin formats, with the exception of the AVID AAX and Waves WPAPI plug-ins, which both require specific installation paths. FLUX:: Analyzer Essential / FLUX:: Session Analyzer and SampleGrabber installation
When the FLUX:: Analyzer Essential / FLUX:: Session Analyzer stand-alone application is installed, the SampleGrabber plug-in, used for local and network communication between the DAW and the Analyzer stand-alone application, is automatically installed if any of the  AU / VST / AAX plug-in formats are enabled for install in the Center Preferences Install Options. 

Spat Revolution and Spat Send / Return / Room plugins installation

Spat Revolution is a  stand-alone application accompanied by three plugins, Send, Return, and Room, used for local and network communication between the DAW and Spat Revolution, which are automatically installed if any of the  AU / VST / AAX plug-in formats are enabled for install in the Center Preferences Install Options. Stand-alone Application Shortcuts
When installing a stand-alone application the option to create application shortcuts can be enabled in Center Preferences. On macOS, the shortcut is added in the dock, and on Windows, a shortcut is created on the desktop.
 After you’ve set up Center Preferences, you need to save your settings by pressing OK, which will take you back to the Center main installation window to continue installing your software.

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