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Error message: “SPAT Revolution initialization problem found! Please check your license authorization”

If you are receiving this message upon starting SPAT Revolution:

Please ensure that you have an active SPAT Revolution license (SPAT Revolution Essential, SPAT Revolution Ultimate bundle) assigned to your iLok key or to the actual computer.

This can be validated with the iLok manager application.

Please note that as of April 15th, 2021, a new SPAT Revolution license called SPAT Revolution Ultimate bundle was deposited to all perpetual owners or subscribers in order to support the SPAT Revolution software version 21.4.0.xxxxx and the release of the new SPAT Revolution Essential license.
See this article for more information: SPAT Revolution April 2021 – New Essential and Ultimate license (bundle)

New licenses are needed to support the SPAT Revolution version 22.09.xxxx and up. More information about this subject in this article: SPAT Revolution 22.09 license upgrade required.

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