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What is an iLok account?

iLok is a license management system, using a separate software that manages authorizations, called the iLok License Manager.

Using the iLok license system allows you to either authorize your computer workstation with your license or, you can also carry your software licenses on a physical iLok USB dongle so you can use your license freely between a studio, your home, and any other location where you may have a need for your Flux:: licenses.

An iLok account is required for using the FLUX:: system and can be created for free on the website.

To administer your software licenses download the free iLok License Manager software from the website.

Please note that FLUX:: Center can NOT BE USED for administering iLok licenses, only for download and installation of FLUX:: software. All iLok license administration is done in the iLok License Manager.

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