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Connection Problems – SampleGrabber and FLUX:: Analyzer Essential / FLUX:: Session Analyzer

If your SampleGrabber plug-in instances are not listed in the source menu in the FLUX:: Analyzer Essential or FLUX:: Session Analyzer application, or if there is no incoming signal from the SampleGrabber plug-in in the Analyzer application, there may be a problem with the network communication between the plug-in and the Analyzer application.

SampleGrabber is not listed in the Analyzer application as a Source (Windows Only)

  • As a first step, press play in the DAW and verify that the sound is playing as intended, the SampleGrabber needs to process audio before it can be recognized by the Analyzer application.
  • If after this the SampleGrabber is still not listed in the Analyzer application as a Source, there may be an issue with the Apple Bonjour network framework, used for the network discovery to find and to list the SampleGrabber instances automatically, as well as for the communication between the SampleGrabber and the Analyzer application.

    How to fix this
    • Close all applications (including your web browser).
    • Open the Windows control panel.
    • Uninstall Flux:: Center and the Apple Bonjour Framework ( if it’s installed ) using the Add / Remove Programs.
    • Install the latest version of FLUX:: Center again, now the installer should prompt and ask if you want to install the Apple Bonjour Framework, which you need to do in order to fix this.

When the installation is completed, everything should now work as intended.

No signs of signal from the SampleGrabber plug-in in the Analyzer application (Windows / macOS)

  • Version Numbers
    First of all, please verify that the versions of the Analyzer application and the SampleGrabber plugin are both the latest.

    Finding the version number
    • To find the version number in the SampleGrabber plugin, open the plugin, click on the small cogwheel button on the plugin user interface, and the version number is displayed there. The current correct version number should follow the format: V3.5.29.46205.
    • To find the version number in the Analyzer application, simply read it at the top of the open application, in the title bar. The current correct version number should follow the format:
  • Network Settings
    If you still experience problems connecting the SampleGrabber plugin and the Analyzer application, please check that both the source system where the SampleGrabber plugin is inserted and the destination system where the Analyzer application is installed, are connected over the same network and that they both have a valid network configuration.

    Both systems need to be configured with an IP network, either through a DHCP server or using manual network configuration.
  • Firewall Settings
    If there are no signs of signal in the Analyzer application after selecting one of the available SampleGrabber plugins, please check your firewall settings and verify that both the Analyzer application and your host software are authorized for any network communication, or specifically, for UDP access from port 46000 to 46064.


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