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v3 version compatibility in sessions already using previous versions of the same plug-in.

The v3 versions and the v2, or any previous non-v3, versions, are identified as different products in the DAW/Host software. This means that when the v3 version of a plug-in is installed, it will co-exist in parallel with any previously installed version, and will NOT replace the previous version of the plug-in.

All previous non-v3 versions are 32-bit only and will only work in DAW/Host software supporting 32-bit plug-ins. If the host software is no longer supporting 32-bits, as with Pro Tools when it’s updated from PT10 (32-bits AAX) to PT12 (only 64-bit AAX), the previous non-v3 versions can’t be used with the DAW/Host anymore.

To maintain backward compatibility with older sessions, a 32-bit compatible version of the DAW/Host is required, and it may be a really good idea to keep this installed in parallel with the newer 64-bit compatible version. We don’t advise the use of VST-bridge software for loading 32-bit plugins into 64-bit software.

Using the plug-in’s built-in preset manager (not the DAW/Host preset manager) all saved presets can be exported from the previous non-v3 version to a preset file, which can then be imported into the v3 version of the plug-in.

Please note that all pre v3 versions are no longer supported and we recommend, if possible, upgrading to the v3 version, and when doing so, if required, assuring backward compatibility with older sessions as stated above.

All Flux:: plugin licenses are valid for the v3 version of our products, to upgrade to the v3 version, simply install the latest version from the Flux:: Center.

Please note that the v3 version no longer supports the Flux:: dongle (discontinued 2018/19), instead your licenses will be transferred to your iLok account, free of charge, on your request. To request this transfer, please contact us with your iLok User Account ID, and your Flux:: dongle serial number, and we will initiate the license transfer.

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