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Route Pro Tools to the FLUX:: Analyzer using Protools Audio Bridge bus – macOS

Protools Audio Bridge is a new feature added in Pro Tools 2022.9, on macOs.

You can use it to route an audio stream from Protools to the FLUX:: Analyzer, instead of using SampleGrabber, when both are running on the same machine. Here is how to achieve the setup, of routing our master output in Protools to the Analyzer.

1 – In Pro Tools Setup / IO Setup menu, go to the ‘Output’ tab, click on the ‘Aux I/O’ button and enable an output to the desired Protools audio bridge bus. As we need a stereo bus in the example, we select the ‘Protools Audio Bridge 2-A’

2 – Go to the ‘Bus’ tab then, unfold the ‘mapping to output’ dropdown list for your default output bus, maintain control ^ key then select the Pro Tools Audio Bridge 2-A. Your main output bus is now routed to both your hardware output and the Pro Tools audio bridge bus.

3- Open FLUX:: Analyzer IO setup menu, and select ‘Protools audio Bridge 2-A’ as an audio device. Also ensure to set both the channel 1&2 inputs, see the screenshot below.

You are all set!

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