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How to fix duplicated send/return objects in a Local Audio Path connection with a DAW?

When working in different DAW projects using the same template for SPAT, loading or saving may cause the Send / Return in SPAT to be duplicated.

How To merge a previous Send / Return with a duplicate one?

  • Select all local audio path Send/Return objects in red (those that are saved in the SPAT project and connected to the Room).
  • Click on the Convert To Hardware IO button, in the panel to the right.

 Now the local audio path send/return objects are converted to hardware inputs instead.

Merge one Hardware IO with the corresponding active Send/Return instance:

  • Select one of the recently converted hardware IO objects and also select the corresponding local audio path instance.
  • Click on Convert Hardware To Send/Return.

This will merge the two items into a single object, which is connected both to the DAW and to the Room.

After the conversion is ready, don’t forget to save a new copy of the SPAT project. One explicit SPAT project for each DAW project is a good practice to avoid mixing things up.

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