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How to set up Ableton LIVE with SPAT Revolution?

The easiest and fastest way to get started with SPAT Revolution in a DAW environment is by using the Local Audio Path mode, running SPAT on the same workstation as the DAW.

To facilitate this and to get started easily, we have created sessions and templates for a variety of DAWs and SPAT Revolution. Please be sure to read the Ableton Live part on SPAT Revolution documentation, or to follow the Youtube video, to ensure synchronization between the two software.

Ableton Live

Project Sessions and Templates downloads

Template used in the video tutorial

Other Templates

Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution

What are the Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution?

The Ableton Live Tools are a set of custom-built Ableton Live Devices, created to increase significantly the compatibility between the DAW and SPAT Revolution. It can be downloaded via the FLUX:: Center.

Resources for more information and troubleshooting

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