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How to set up Ableton LIVE with SPAT Revolution?

This article explains how to set up SPAT Revolution and Ableton Live to work in Local Audio Path mode. 

Hardware setup

To avoid any sync issues, the playback engine buffer size must be set to the same value in both SPAT Revolution and Ableton LIVE. A buffer size with 1024 samples or more will be a perfect start point for mixing.

  • In Live, go to Preferences/Audio, then set H/W Buffer Size to 1024 samples or more.
    In windows, you may have to click on Hardware Setup to select the audio buffer size.

  • In SPAT, go to Preferences -> Hardware IO, and set up the following parameters:
    • Device: None
    • External Sampling Rate: Enabled
    • Block Size: Set the same value as in Ableton LIVE (1024)

Please close and restart SPAT to ensure that all settings are properly saved and taken into account.   

Session setup and routing

Before starting, please read this article first, explaining how to set up DAW routing with SPAT Revolution in order to avoid sync issues.

Local Audio Path Sync Issues

  • To set up a LIVE session to work with SPAT Revolution using the Local Audio Path mode. Insert the SPAT Send and Return plugins, then click on the Configure button and enable the Local Audio Path option on all Send and Return plugins used.
  • The Automation parameters should now be displayed.
  • All Send and Return plugin instances are now displayed in the SPAT Revolution setup page.
  • Select all the objects (keyboard command: cmd/ctrl + A), then click on the Connect Selected button (keyboard command: cmd/ctrl + L)

Now everything is set up and the audio should be returned back to Ableton LIVE.

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