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SPAT Revolution 22.09 license upgrade required

The 22.09 update is the first paid upgrade since SPAT Revolution was released in 2017 and requires a new license. Users with a SPAT Revolution activation made from September 1st, 2021, which includes 1-year support and upgrades, have  automatically receive the newly updated licenses (with surrender) in their iLok account, and all SPAT Revolution Essential owners have received the new SPAT Revolution Essential 22.09 license in their iLok account as well.

Users with SPAT Revolution subscription simply need to synchronize their iLok account to take advantage of the 22.09 release.

For SPAT Revolution trials , a new trial  license can be requested here, whiled logged in on a FLUX:: account

SPAT Revolution perpetual license owner activated prior to September 1st 2021 can purchase a license upgrade (surrendering the original license to new license bundle) in the FLUX:: store while logged in on their account 

The previous SPAT Revolution license , namely 22.02 still provides access to all software build up to version 22.02 v50151

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