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Why does the block size indicated in SPAT not correspond to the Nuendo ones when using LAP?

When using the Local Audio Path in Nuendo, the block size indicated on Nuendo can differ from the one indicated on SPAT Revolution.

To prevent some playbacks errors and glitches, Nuendo introduces the “ASIO-Guard” (more details about it in this dedicated article). This will allow to use the block size given to Nuendo for the “time-critical” operation (like track with monitoring option activated), but a larger one for the other. This buffer depends on the ASIO-guard level (typically, 256 for “low”, 512 for “normal” and 1024 for high in 48kHz).

Be sure to deactivate this ASIO-guard to use the same block size for all tracks, and for the block size to match the driver one.

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